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A Video Network to Save You Up To 80% of Transmission Cost

Welcome to CatonNet


Fast, Affordable, Application-Assured Transmission for Today's Internet

High quality, professional and reliable - CatonNet brings all the benefits of dedicated network services to the market with straightforward pricing and quick and easy setup. With 80% of Internet traffic projected to be video by 2020, the need for reliable, cost effective video delivery is becoming more and more critical. 

CatonNet has been designed specifically to provide domestic and international transmission of video over Open IP networks while providing service assurance, as well as monitoring and full managed services. CatonNet also provides solutions for large file and data transfer, as well as high-bandwidth general data services for the surveilance and video conferencing markets.


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What we offer


Buy or Subscribe, we helps monitor, manage and support a Caton-based media network.

Video Contribution & Distribution

Easily deploy sophisticated video contribution and distribution solutions

Accelerated File Transfer

Powerful acceleration of managed file transfers, from a one-man shop to an enterprise.

What our clients say

It has been a privilege for Caton Technology to partner with Mediahub in building this market-leading storage system. Leveraging CatonEngine F2TP Fast File Transfer Protocol, now you can access Arkhub from anywhere in the world at the same fast speed with Arkhub WebConnect.

Untethered storage has been a dream for many, and it is available now with 14x9 SLA! 99.999999999999% on durability!

"Using ArkHub WebConnect, clients can transfer files from one location to another from anywhere in the world. Based on CatonNET’s flexible and easy-to-use Cydex software, its advanced protocol allows for the fastest
possible throughput with an intuitive user interface. Seamless integration with HPE’s object-based S3 storage was done through MediaHub’s solution provider, RedFig Group."


" As a partner and customer of Caton for over 8 years, we are honored to have witnessed the rapid growth and development of their technologies. With Caton’s R2TP video transmission technology, we’re surprised by the powerful performance to create flexible and low cost real-time video solutions even under the most demanding conditions. Caton is always a trusted and reliable partner to us, and it always supports us with the best solution and service whenever we’re in need. "


- Jiang Bing Yu   

Technical Manager    
Super Sports Media Inc

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