Product Details

  • HVE2X00 - Multi-Channel H.264 HD Encoder

    HVE2X00 - Multi-Channel H.264 HD Encoder

  • Client: Google
  • Date:1/6/2015
DVB Front End


With a global deployment of digital headend equipment, Caton is proud to present a reliable, low cost and high performance multiple channel encoders. This product line includes six, eight and ten channels of H.264 HD encoders to be multiplexed to an MPTS ASI output or IP output.

The HVE-2X00 is a real time distribution encoder designed specifically for Digital Television systems, featuring advanced video filtering, compressed audio and a jitter-free, accurate and standard compliant H.264 transport stream.

Regardless of your distribution system, cable, satellite, terrestrial, or MMDS, the HVE-2X00 represents the state of the art in H.264 local encoding.

Feature Highlight

★  1U with Modular Design, it could be configured with different module based on needs
★  Up to 10 channel HD H.264 encoding
★  Support 1080P60 FULL-HD encoding
★  Up to 10 channel SDI/HDMI input
★  Re-Multiplexing, up to 10 internal encoded SPTS inputs
★  Support 2 ASI redundant output
★  Dual redundant power supply
★  Support front panel control and web UI management