Product Details

  • VprO5100D - Integrated Receiver Decoder

    VprO5100D - Integrated Receiver Decoder

  • Client: Google
  • Date:1/6/2015
DVB Front End


The VprO 5100/5100D professional IRD is a broadcast-quality decoder, descrambler and TS processor that provides MPEG-2 and H.264 HD/SD decoding, advanced transport stream processing, cutting-edge IP processing technologies and variety of inputs and outputs. Vpro 5100/5100D IRD enables the applications in receiving and processing of HD/SD streams transported through IP, satellite and ASI network. The device supports maximum 8 independent TS over IP outputs and 2-channel DVB-ASI outputs before or after descrambling.

Feature Highlight

★  Dual LNB inputs for higher receiving density
★  Gigabits IP streaming offered as a standard function
★  Maximum 8 independent MPTS or SPTS IP streaming output
★  Powerful TS processing capabilities
★  Multiple descrambling from LNB, ASI or IP input
★  Redundant power for base unit
★  Rich status LED indicator for inputs, outputs and decoder
★  Remote software upgrade through IP