Product Details

  • NAE1000 - Network Audio Encoder

    NAE1000 - Network Audio Encoder

  • Client: Google
  • Date:5/21/2015
Network Video Streaming


Caton NAE1000 digital audio encoder is a purpose-built product focused on audio encoding solution for audio-only professional broadcasting application. Instead of utilizing spare audio ports on existing video encoders, NAE1000 is specialized for setting up the most professional audio encoding system.

NAE1000 supports advanced audio encoding, such as MPEG1 Layer II、AAC etc. It also supports IP output, can set up digital audio broadcasting system rapidly, providing ideal digital audio broadcasting service via Ethernet/Internet.

Feature Highlight

★  Support MPEG1 Layer II/AAC audio encoding (Mono/Stereo)
★  Support AES/EBU digital audio input
★  Built- in 10/100 Base-T Ethernet IP output
★  Support UDP/RTMP protocol
★  Support WEB control
★  1U rack-mounted single channel audio encoder


NAE1000 can seamlessly connect to Streaming Media Server such as Wowza. It can provide audio real-time live broadcasting service via Ethernet/Internet, can widely used for radio station, campus, enterprise or personal radio station, perfectly meets audio requirements in booming Mobile Internet Age.