Product Details

  • NVE9100 - H.264 HD Network Encoder

    NVE9100 - H.264 HD Network Encoder

  • Client: Google
  • Date:5/21/2015
Network Video Streaming


Caton NVE9100 HD H.264 Network Encoder is a network multimedia encoder, for high definition video real-time streaming applications. It is perfectly suitable for E-learning, distance education, video conferencing and other multimedia streaming applications.

NVE9100 provides flexible streaming for low-bandwidth transmission applications using H.264 video and AAC audio encoding, supporting FLV over RTMP streaming output, thus seamlessly connecting to Streaming Media Server. NVE9100 also supports TS streaming output and can achieve low latency HD video transmission over the Internet by combining with Caton NVD series products. NVE9100 supports R2TP(Reliable Real time Transport Protocol), which is an IP based transport protocol especially designed to solve the QoS problems for live video transmission over Internet.

Feature Highlight

★  HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and CVBS HD and SD video input
★  IP output, support FLV Over RTMP, R2TP(Reliable Real time Transport Protocol), TS Over UDP, TS Over HTTP,FLV Over HTTP
★  H.264 High profile video encoding and AAC audio encoding with low bit rate
★  Seamlessly connecting to Streaming Media Server for FLASH video applications
★  Using DSP encoding chip and Linux operating system
★  OLED screen and touch slide button, support web browser control