Product Details

  • R2TP Relay Server

    R2TP Relay Server

  • Client: Google
  • Date:5/21/2015
Streaming Relay Server
Distribution Server for Open Internet Transmission, R2TP, UDP, RTMP, HTTP Conversion & Distribution


Caton R2TP Relay Server (RRS) is a distribution server that designed for Internet video transmission, based on Caton R2TP patented technology, supporting UDP, HTTP and RTMP output protocol, integrating with Caton decoder or streaming media server, flexible application in professional broadcast such as news gathering, education, religious video and civil fields such as wedding livecast.


Feature Highlight

★  Based on Caton private R2TP protocol that designed for internet QOS problem
★  Very efficient anti-congestion and error-recovery mechanisms
★  Broad compatibility, support UDP / HTTP output to the mainstream decoder , RTMP to FMS, Wowza, Red5 and other streaming media server, support broadcast to Dorecast, Youtube, Ustream and other mainstream video publishing platform, support CDNs like Edgecast, Akamai, Chinanetcenter and Chinacache
★  With building their own RRS node server,automatically select the most appropriate path to achieve high-quality real-time transmission of Internet data
★  Support transmission status real-time monitoring
★  Support TS real-time recording
★  Support Web-UI control

User Interface