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  • NVP990 - H.264 HD Network Decoder

    NVP990 - H.264 HD Network Decoder

  • Client: Google
  • Date:6/29/2016
Network Video Streaming
Portable Video Live Streaming & Video Delivery Over Open Internet


NVP-990 is a portable network video decoder, especially for high definition video transmission and playing over internet. It can be deployed in various streaming applications such as point to point transmission, live streaming, video conference, digital signage and so on. NVP-990 applies H.264 advanced video processing standard, supports FULL-HD 1080P60 video decoding and display. Portable design and Web UI control enable user configure NVP-990 conveniently and efficiently.

Integrated with Caton leading R2TP technology, NVP-990 and NVP encoders can also realize high quality live video contribution and distribution over Open Internet.

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