Caton Technology closes USD$6.3 million in Series A+ funding

Hong Kong, February 07, 2018 – Caton Technology, a leading provider of advanced IP video transmission and managed file transfer solutions, today announced the successful completion of its USD$6.3 million (RMB 40 million) Series A+ funding round. GuoXingGuoTou Investment (GT&I), a China-based new energy, aviation, and technology fund, led this round of financing. Richland Capital, lead investor in Caton’s Round A, joining the current round as well. 

Caton also announced the addition of GT&I’s managing director of investments, Mr. Sancun Li, and Caton Technology COO, Eric Hamilton, to the board of directors. Mr. Li has over 20 years financial experience with GT&I and currently leads their investments division focused on multiple fields and markets. Eric Hamilton joined Caton in November of 2016 from previous senior positions in business management at Apple and private technology management company, Pacific Portals. Mr. Li and Mr. Hamilton membership on the board will support the company’s global reach and further improve Caton’s ability to grow strategically. 


Caton Technology provides industry-leading solutions for private CDN, career-class transmission and distribution, and network monitoring and management of global live video delivery. Caton utilizes its best-in-class, internally developed Caton Engine to deliver fully managed services and solutions over standard IP networks

Mr. Li said of their investment, “As the main investment company for this round, GT&I manages RMB 10 billion funds and invests in all fields. We are particularly optimistic about Caton's technology and market prospects. We believe that their experienced international team can rapidly develop the international market, and that we can also help Caton and China's large state-owned enterprises adopt these solutions. We hope that the future is more than just capital investment, but also strategic investment with Caton.”


Beijing Richland Capital’s Yong Cheng added, “On behalf of Richland Capital, we are happy to continue our commitment to Caton and join GT&I Capital Management in the A+ Round investment. As the principle Round A investor, we have confidence in Caton’s fast growing global team and their key technology breakthroughs. We believe that the company’s leading technology, the Caton Engine, and their strong cooperation with tier one telecom carriers can provide game-changing, reliable, and low-cost solutions and services for real-time data and big data transmission all over the world.”


“As the world becomes more and more connected, Caton’s solutions are dedicated to bringing higher quality and lower cost video, file and data communications to more people around the globe,” said Ray Huang, founder and CEO of Caton Technology. “We have developed the Caton Engine to provide a powerful platform for the next generation of solutions and services to our partners and clients. This investment and commitment to our company by GT&I and Richland will support our global expansion and development of new products and services.”

Thank you for your continuing support of Caton’s technology, we look forward to bringing more exciting news to you soon !

About Caton Technology: 
Caton Technology is a leading manufacturer of advance video encoding and Open Internet data transmission solutions. Reliable Real-Time Transport Protocol (R2TP) and Fast Files Transfer Protocol (F2TP) technologies enable secure, robust and easy-to-use data transmission for the broadcast and enterprise markets even in the harshest of network conditions. 

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