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CatonMediaBridge is a cost-effective, platform-based and multipurpose video processing equipment targeted for various video delivery application.

CatonCaster HD422/4K420


The CatonCaster is the professional integrated receiver/decoders for distribution and monitoring applications. Perfect for applications such as monitoring, digital-turnaround, digital signage, hospitality and enterprise video delivery. The product supports decoding of SD or HD or 4K video, encoded as HEVC, H.264 or MPEG2, as well as up to four pairs audio services.



Native iOS and tvOS application for managed viewing.



Native iOS and tvOS application for live production.



A complete IP conversion and transmission appliance with built-in transport stream analysis, and recording. Powered by The Caton Engine, global IP delivery is now easy and affordable.

Cydex Enterprise 3.0


Cydex supports unlimited file size, quantity, and destinations during transfer. Send files point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or through automated distribution with the new Portals feature...

Cydex Service


3 steps to sign up a secure managed file transfer service!


Integrated Video Processor


IVP-3000 is a broadcast and transmission platform designed by Caton Technology.  1RU chassis with 6 slots for combinations of up to 6 modules.  You can use different modules to match your existing workflow and taking advantage of Caton's R2TP Video transmission engine on open internet... 

Caton Relay Server and Network Management Systems


The Caton Relay Server is a core component to build up your video network, featured with managing multiple inputs and outputs, monitoring bandwidth and protocol transcoding, which brings video contribution to the next level...

Network Video Processor


3rd Generation of NVP Video Encoder and Decoder - The new NVP support 3 independent bitrates and resolution streaming output simultaneously, designed for multiple viewing from different platforms such as PC/Mac, Android/iOS and TV... 

Live Cast Pro


LCP-300 is a portable encoding device with 4G/3G/Wi-Fi transmission. It takes advantage of Caton’s reliable R2TP transmission technology to achieve the best cost and quality efficiency for mobile live broadcasting... 

We offer managed services that help monitor, manage and support a Caton network.


By taking the complexity, concerns and high costs out and ensuring that your network operates at peak efficiency around the clock, you can focus on new business opportunities instead.