Accelerated File Transfer

Today’s files are big and getting bigger. Transferring cross-border and cross-continent is becoming more and more of a daily requirement for broadcasters, enterprises, educational institutions, and companies of all sizes. With the Caton Engine, it is easy and affordable now to move your data quickly and securely from any point to any point in the world. 

Fast File Transfer

Caton’s industry-leading Caton Engine allows for maximum usage of any network, giving you the fastest transmission of your files regardless of distance or network quality.


Dual-layer encryption of all data transfers ensures your files arrive safely to their destination. Caton’s Cydex file transfer system provides a fully managed environment for moving your files, including private address book management of authorized users, user-level permissions management, and full logging and reporting of all essential server and network activity. Full SSL encryption ensures service client communications are secure, while AES-256 encryption of all data transfers means your files are viewable only by authorized recipients.

Multi-Platform - On-site, Hosted and Cloud

Multiple configuration options are available based on your needs and scale. Fully hosted, Cloud-based solutions to on-premise transfer appliances meet your needs, whether you are a one-man shop or a thousand.


Caton solutions provide best-in-class speed and scalability with no bandwidth or data transfer caps for on-location solutions. Fully hosted solutions provide some of the lowest bandwidth charges available today.

Solution Details

Cydex Server

Cydex Clients