Video Contribution and Distribution

The need for dedicated leased line and satellite solutions for broadcast video solutions has changed significantly as the global Internet increases in bandwidth and coverage. Caton provides a range of service levels depending on our client’s budget and requirements. Broadcasters, content owners, educational and other enterprises can now leverage all their network options to delivery the highest quality content, no compromises.

Use Your Network, Use Our Network, Use All Networks

Caton technologies support multiple networks simultaneously, giving you the flexibility to create fixed and ad-hoc distribution networks quickly and easily. Use your preferred telecommunications network, the Open Internet, or both to create the best path to move your video streams.

Robust and Scalable

Open Internet video contribution and distribution across multiple network layers allow for the highest reliability within your budget. Caton Engine live streaming protocols provide dedicated line reliability over multiple network layers, regardless of distance or local line quality. Scale to dozens or hundreds of simultaneous video streams using standard internet infrastructure.

Easy Deployment

Caton solutions require minimal setup and can easily run on existing infrastructure for remote and ad-hoc environments. Whether for a regional distribution center or a remote contribution location, plug-and-play connectivity means you will be up and running quickly and easily. Utilizing Caton’s dedicated global network of relay servers, start delivering broadcast-quality today.

Pure Transport, No Recompression Involved

Caton Engine protocols do not add any additional compression or change your data during transmission. Network optimization allows for reliable transmission of the original data regardless of the data type.

Solution Details

Caton Relay Server


NVP 903 / 990